Marriott Rewards Terms & Conditions Update April 22, 2015


Marriott Rewards has updated the programs terms and conditions effective April 22, 2015.

Marriott Rewards Terms and conditions update

The new update clarifies the rates that are eligible for elite night credits and for points.

You can access the terms and conditions here.

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Here are the changes:

Marriott Rewards Terms and conditions update 1Marriott Rewards Terms and conditions update 2


Some readers contacted me earlier this year when Travel Industry rates suddenly didn’t qualify for elite night credit or points. These rates are not that highly discounted and often there are lower corporate rates that are eligible.

The other rate that Marriott points out to be non-eligible for points is the Fam-Tastic one that is highly discounted and requires eligible traveler to provide a certificate at the checking in.

The other clarified exclusion are rather clear such as package ones (that include both air and hotel component).