READER QUESTIONS: Where To Credit JetBlue Flights, Le Club Accorhotels To Airline Miles Autoconversion, Delta Compensation Issue & Expensive Flights, How To Find Accor & Hilton Hotels With Club Lounges, Getting 80 BA Tier Points By 28th, Finnair & Qatar Separate Tickets And Marriott Mobile Check-In


Here are five seven reader questions from the past week (so many good questions coming in!) that I have decided to reply to publicly. You can always email me, leave a note or private message on Facebook, or Tweet me with your questions.


Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however.

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TravelingJewel’s Question Where To Credit JetBlue Flights

Sorry to bother you with this silly question, but I can’t figure it out. I’m flying JetBlue (ugh), and am wondering if I can credit the flight miles to another airline, preferably British Airways. I rarely fly JetBlue, and I’ll never accumulate enough miles with them on TrueBlue to make it worth crediting the miles to their program. Thanks!

This questions comes every once in a while. Where to credit flights from random carriers that I don’t usually fly and to whose frequent flier program I don’t belong to.

It is not usually worth having a frequent flier account for an airline whose flights you only take once in a blue moon. As the reader has correctly noted, it then makes sense to see if there are any partner programs where you could credit them.

The best place to start is to check the airlines frequent flier partner airlines. The airlines that allow you to collect JetBlue TrueBlue points for their flights should also allow you to collect their miles/points for JetBlue flights.

Seems that JetBlue currently has only three airline partners: Emirates, Hawaiian and South African. I would credit the flights to Emirates Skywards program.

Darios’s Question How To Convert Le Club Accorhotels Points To Airline Miles Without Any Minimums

Do you know a method to convert Accor Le Club points to air miles without minimum transfer?
I remember that two years ago you published a method to do such thing, but it doesn’t seem still valid.
Or any method to postpone the expiration? (I have 1385 points that expire on 29th April).

Good that you reminded me about this. I have had this on my to write list already for a while. Le Club Accorhotels used to have generic sign up link for autoconversions from points to miles that would apply for all the partner programs. Now, all the links are program specific.

If there are readers that have these program specific links, please email them to me. I will do an updated piece about these autoconversions this coming week.

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Dawn’s Question How To Get Delta To Live Up To Its Promise & Expensive Flights

I recently took a plane trip from Philadelphia back to Florida and my luggage ended up going to North Carolina.

I was told by Delta that I would get 2500 points because my luggage got lost but Delta has denied that after I requested it.

Any ideas?

Also I live in Tallahassee where flights are incredibly expensive ….I found that it was cheaper to buy points to fly with Delta rather than paying for a ticket out right do you have any other ideas?

Delta usually give few thousand SkyMiles for issues like delayed bag in case that you send a message to the airline on their website. If you were promised the compensation miles by an employee but now they are not willing to credit them, I would open a case with DOT’s Aviation Consumer Protection unit (do it online here).

The consolidation of the airlines have lead to situation where there are less competition between the airlines. You can use tools such as ITA Matrix, Kayak or Hipmunk trying to find lower priced flights that are not always initially displayed on airlines’ websites.

James Question How To Find If Hotel Has A Club Lounge (Accor & Hilton)

Are summary lists available anywhere on the internet to show which hotels have an Executive Lounge as this access seems to be one of the  best benefits of membership status at higher levels.

Primarily I’m interested in the UK and for the Accor chain (I have platinum status) and Hilton chain (I have gold status).

I have not come across summary lists of hotels that would have a club lounge and some hotels that don’t have them may give similar benefits on their F&B outlets.

The only way that I know is to check hotel by hotel whether they are selling club/executive rooms.

Simon’s Question Getting 80 British Airways Tier Points By April 28

I’m struggling to find the most cost effective way to earn 80 BA Tier points before the cut off on 28th April! I’m 80 points away from upgrading to Silver.

I don’t want to spend over £1500 to get them, but I’m happy to spend around £400. How do I find good deals that don’t discount the Tier points?! (e.g. most packages are economy and are non-flexible, so only offer half the points)

You would need to get those 80 tier points in by Tuesday! British Airways Executive Silver status maps to Oneworld Sapphire and comes with nice benefits.

Reader Question BA

I played around with ITA Matrix and there are flights (or at least one combo) that would get you the required tier points for $778. Flying on British Airways to Oslo and back on Finnair codeshare.

The lower priced flights on the search above are Iberia codeshares on Vueling (part of the IAG that is the parent of BA) but those don’t earn anything on BA’s program.

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Andy’s Question On Protection When Flying On Separate Tickets Within An Alliance

A question I haven’t found an answer for:

Flying AY from HEL to ARN, and then ARN-SIN on QR (both OneWorld) on separate tickets, is there any protection in case my first flight arrives late in ARN?

Do you think an airport agent in HEL is able to check luggage all the way to SIN or do I have to get it from the conveyor belt and check again in ARN? There is a 2h connection in ARN.

Finnair certainly can check your bag(s) through to Singapore even when flying on separate tickets and the fact that you are within the same alliance may make it likelier.

If they don’t do that, you should still make the flight as long as the Finnair flight is on time and they don’t have any issues on baggage delivery.

It always make sense to leave plenty of time between flights if on separate tickets.

Dave’s Question On Marriott App Check-In

Marriott is pushing the check-in with the app with a contest.  So I have done it twice now to try it out.  It allows you to select a time and “bypass the line”.

So first time I did an 11:30PM check-in, so no real advantage.

Today I had a 10:00 AM Check-in.  Reservation is typically 3PM.  But the app allows you to pick anytime.  I selected 10AM and received a reply that they would be waiting for me.

When I showed at 10:10 AM, there was no room available, and it would be a while.  They said they checked me in, and would call me when the room was ready – note no room key was given although I was given access to the lounge (doesn’t mean much since there was no food service at that time).

So my question is, as a Platinum, is there any type of compensation?  I know there is a table of compensation for various guarantees, but not check-in time.  I don’t think they should encourage the app, allow you to select a time before 3PM, tell you it is all set, then show and not have a room ready.  For me the app is a fail.

Thoughts?  I asked the front desk and I received a $10 coupon for food/drinks, which does nothing for me since I am travelling on business.  The room is an upgrade to a suite, so that is nice.  But my preference was getting into the room.

The hotel programs are really trying hard to get program members to use their apps for things such as this Marriott’s “Mobile Check-In” that really isn’t mobile at all. The long term goal is to get members to install their apps that will eventually function as room keys.

Did you receive a confirmation that the room would be ready at 10AM or merely an acknowledgment that they had received your request? If it was former rather than latter, they obviously weren’t processing these the way they should have.


Keep the emails and messages coming. I will have these READER QUESTION pieces at least once a week (sometimes more often) and try to cover issues that would help LoyaltyLobby readers.