REMINDER: Hilton Asia Pacific Sales-Website

Hilton has several websites outside of featuring region specific sales or weekend deals. For those that travel in the Asia Pacific region, should check out the Asia Pacific sales website.

Hilton Asia Pacific Websites

Although the website is, it is merely used as a skin and the actual booking is done on The presentation of hotels and region specific deals on this site is better, however.

Here are the current sales:

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific

Hilton Asia Pacific Websites Australia

Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau

Hilton Asia Pacific Websites Mainland China

Japan, Korea & Guam

Hilton Asia Pacific Websites Japan

South East Asia

Hilton Asia Pacific Websites South East Asia

Maldives, India & Sri Lanka

Hilton Asia Pacific Websites Maldives


I really like the layout and the presentation of the hotels and sales on this Hilton website that is entirely dedicated to their Asia Pacific hotels. Worth checking out every once in a while.

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