Whine Wednesdays: BA Club World (Bloody Awful)


No wonder why British Airways has recently been dumping it’s Club World product ex-Europe trying to compete with the likes of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways on price (cannot do such on their hard/soft product).

Whine Wednesdays British Airways Club World (Bloody Awful) A380

Last week, I found myself taking the British Airways A380 in Club World “Business” class (more like Premium Economy really) to Singapore and was extremely disappointed with the cabin.

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I have taken the A380 with Emirates (numerous times), twice with Qatar Airways and at least once with Thai Airways. The set up that BA has for their Business cabin doesn’t compare to any of the other three and especially EK/QR that both have nice on-board bars.

2-4-2 Seating

Whine Wednesdays British Airways Club World (Bloody Awful) Seat

I can not think of any other (major) airline that would have 2-4-2 seating in Business on their flagship aircraft. This means that four passengers on each row must climb over someone if they would like to stretch their legs or go to the lavatory.

Divider/Privacy Screen

Whine Wednesdays British Airways Club World (Bloody Awful) Divider U

Because half of the seats are rear-facing and the other half are forward-facing, British Airways has this idiotic divider/privacy screen between the seats that must be down at times. I have zero interest staring at some stranger’s face, even for a second.

Also, the crew members don’t have an idea when to lower the screen during the service. Some members were trying to peek over the screen and some always lowered it. What a mess and the noise when the screen is going up and down non-stop is nerve-wracking.


Let’s not even start with the food. I have come to expect that you can have dining at your leisure on these long-haul flights in Business Class, but not on BA (supposedly due to passenger feedback).

I wasn’t hungry during the dinner/lunch that was served right after the take off, but would have liked to eat something four/five hours into the flight.

Whine Wednesdays British Airways Club World (Bloody Awful) Club Kitchen

I decided to have a look at the Club Kitchen. I had identified ice cream and sandwiches from the Club Kitchen menu that I could have.

Guess what? These items were not available on overnight flights. Ridiculous! They should change the name of the “Club Kitchen” to “Crap Kitchen” to better describe the junk they had available.

Whine Wednesdays British Airways Club World (Bloody Awful) Food

One of the crew members was able to locate an egg-salad sandwich and some water melon and pineapple (probably from the breakfast service).

Besides these two food items, a cup of tea and a sparkling water, I didn’t consume anything else during the flight.


To be fair, I think that the seat was fine IF the only thing that you are after is sleep. I hated climbing over someone and this stupid screen. And the Club Kitchen…..

How does BA think that they could ever compete between competitive city pairs or do the majority of the BA fliers have Stockholm syndrome? No wonder why Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways are vacuuming passengers from regional airports across the UK and from London too.