No Marriott Rewards Summer Promo In 2015?


Marriott Rewards has been very predictable with is promotions with its never ending MegaBonus promotion (sometimes under different names though) as far as I have been program member (past 10+ years).

Marriott Rewards 2015 Summer Promotion

There have been questions from the readers that are planning their summer vacations about Marriott’s offer during the summer months.

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

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Marriott Rewards 2015 Summer Promotion Community Manager

According to the Marriott Insiders (Marriott’s own member discussion platform) “community” manger, there are no plans for promotion this summer.


It would be really surprising had Marriott Rewards decided that they don’t have a need to have a promotion for the summer months.

The hotel loyalty programs make very little sense to participate if there are no promotions going on for points or airline miles.

I hope that this community manager is wrong and that there is a promo for the summer.

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