SPG Select Member Exclusive 4: Bonus Points, Award Discounts & Double Credits May 1 – July 31, 2015


Starwood has launched third simultaneous Select Member Exclusive 4 promotion (read more about the other two here and here) that is valid for stays between May 1 – July 31, 2015.

SPG Select Member Exclusive 4 May 1 July 31 2015

There are six different bonus options that eligible accounts have been targeted from bonus Starpoints to award night discounts.

You can try registering for this offer here.

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Here are the six SEVEN Select Member Exclusive 4 offers:

– One free night award (category 1 – 5) after two stays and second one after additional two stays for maximum total of two free nights certificates after four stays.

– 2,000 bonus Starpoints after second stay, 2,000 bonus Starpoints after fourth stay and 2,000 bonus Starpoints after sixth stay for maximum of 6,000 bonus Starpoints after six stays during the promotional period.

– 3,000 bonus Starpoints after third stay, 3,000 bonus Starpoints after sixth stay and 3,000 bonus Starpoints after ninth stay for maximum of 9,000 bonus Starpoints after nine stays during the promotional period.

– 5,000 bonus Starpoints after fifth stay, 5,000 bonus Starpoints after tenth stay and 5,000 bonus Starpoints after fifteenth stay for maximum of 15,000 bonus Starpoints after fifteen stays during the promotional period.

– 6,000 bonus Starpoints after sixth stay, 6,000 bonus Starpoints after twelfth stay and 6,000 bonus Starpoints after eighteenth stay for maximum of 18,000 bonus Starpoints after eighteen stays during the promotional period.

– 25% off award discount after sixth eligible stay. Valid for category 1 – 5 hotels and cannot be combined with fifth night free. Must be used by December 31, 2015.

– Double elite qualifying nights and stays during the promotional period. These don’t count towards the lifetime requirement.


Interesting that Starwood has so many simultaneous targeted promotions. The Select Member 6 promotion is targeted for new members that haven’t had stays and the Select Member Exclusive 7 for infrequent SPG members.

This latest Select Member Exclusive 4 targets more frequent quests and basically offers 1,000 bonus Starpoints per stay if you can meet the hurdle requirements.