Whine Wednesdays: Long-haul Flights Without Wifi


Few years ago, I thought that it was great that you could be off the grid during flights and just relax by watching movies, reading magazines and newspapers, and drinking & snacking.

Whine Wednesdays Long-haul Flights Without Wifi

I have now, however, changed my view. I find it irritating to find myself on British Airways or Cathay Pacific flights recently that have no connectivity at all. It would have been great to spend some time going through emails etc. that are all on the cloud.

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I remember my first experiences with internet connectivity in the sky back in the mid 2000’s when both Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines had Connexion by Boeing installed to some of their planes.

The experiment didn’t last too long and Boeing decided to wind it down as unprofitable. The internet has, however, made a comeback on most Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways fights that I have been on recently.

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Wish that the “legacy” carriers would get the WiFi installed to their long-haul fleet and not drag this forever. I am more inclined to book flights with the above mentioned Middle Eastern airlines because I know that I can get some work done that requires internet connectivity during the flights.