WSJ: “Which Guests Get The Perks”


When I was reading the Wall Street Journal yesterday, I came across this interesting article how hotels decide who and what perks certain guests get.

WSJ Which Guests Get The Perks

If you are booking luxury suites at high end hotels, you usually get parks and gifts associated with the fact that you are spending some serious cash.

You can access this article on WSJ’s website here of which below is an excerpt:

Hotels say the best way is to give them as much information as possible. Tell them if you’re celebrating a special occasion, the ages of your children, favorite foods and even hobbies. Tweeting about your upcoming stay can also land you on the goody list. “We look for our hotels being mentioned [on social media] and match that up with arrival lists,” says Tina Edmundson, global officer for luxury and lifestyle brands at Marriott International Inc.

Goodies can make for savvy marketing, particular now that social media can amplify an amenity’s effects. Travelers often share photos of their treats on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. “If it is cute and personalized, people will post it,” says Dimitrios Zarikos, regional vice president and general manager at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. “You want people to talk about you.”


I am against of having to be an “attention whore” and Tweeting hotels of your upcoming stays to get some perks. Some people probably prefer doing this, but I don’t.

But I do agree with the article that it doesn’t hurt to inform the hotel if you are celebrating some special occasion such as honeymoon, anniversary or birthday. Most of the hotels will throw a bottle of bubbly your way or a cake.