Etihad Premium Help Launched (Etihad Discovers Twitter)


Etihad Airways Guest Gold and Platinum members (maybe Silver ones too) received this email introducing Etihad Premium Help late last week.

Etihad Airways Guest Premium Help

Etihad Guest now promises to provide help over Twitter for Gold and Platinum members that first sign up for the service.

You can access Etihad Guest here.

Here’s copy of the email:

Etihad Airways Guest Premium Help Text

This is way too cumbersome. You have to email them first before they link your Guest account number to your Twitter handle. Only then, you can try reaching the Social Media team over twitter.

And what is the purpose of this service anyway? The Social Media team strolls the internet and usually leaves something like the message below if someone asks Etihad related question or comments their service without actually providing any information:

Hi, kindly send an email to or contact the Etihad Guest team calling the numbers you find on the following page: *OO

Protected Tweets

Etihad Airways Guest Premium Help Twitter

It seems that Etihad Guest doesn’t want to expose (the lack of) Premium members customer service and has protected the Tweets.


What is the purpose of the Etihad Premium Help over Twitter if the answer is (almost 100% certain about this) to send them an email to the address (also known as the black hole)?

They should start actually providing help and answering questions that the members have rather than always asking to just send them an email that gets forwarded to other department.

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