Loyalty Programs Using Stock Photos: Case IHG Rewards Club & Etihad Airways


Yesterday, when I was wrote about Etihad’s promotion for 1,000,000 miles (read more here) several readers commented that they had seen the same photo on IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights advertisement (read more here).


I had actually noticed this earlier, as Etihad Guest also uses the photo on its signing page (several photos rotating),

I guess that having two attractive looking young folks taking selfies apparently in New York works for several advertisers.

The guest really is have other advertisers beyond Etihad and IHG Rewards Club used the same photo?


It is not unusual to see same photo used by several different advertisers, although they try not use use photos used by others. May be someone at the Etihad liked the IHG advertisement so much that he/she made a decision to use it on their website.

So, if you are trying to sell photos, the best advise probably is to use young folks that are taking selfies on some rooftop.

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