Whine Wednesdays: When Weather Doesn’t Co-operate

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This weeks Whine Wednesdays is about weather related issues that many of us have encountered at some point in our travels.

Whine Wednesdays Weather

The other week, I was in Brisbane and was planning to explore the city but the weather was terrible for both nights. It was literally raining the entire time, although the Saturday morning when I was flying out was beautiful.

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Weather can often derail carefully planned vacations by canceling flights that make you unable to get to your destination at all. My advice has always been try to be as flexible as possible in case of force majeure and make best out of the bad situation.

You may have to can part of your vacation if it no longer makes it worth getting to your final destination.


The weather was really bad those two days, but I will be back to explore the city and surrounding areas at a later date.

When I spoke with the Etihad crew on my flight from Brisbane, they told me they had a very bumpy approach the previous day and one of the FA’s had ended up vomiting in front of the passengers.