Compensation Clinic: InterContinental New York Times Square


This weeks Compensation Clinic case comes from a LoyaltyLobby reader’s stay at the InterContinental Times Square hotel (+ the reader would like to know if the compensation was adequate).

Compensation Clinic InterContinental New York Times Square

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You can access InterContinental New York Times Square website here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Some weeks ago I had a stay at the Intercontinental New York Times Square Hotel (2 free nights from the “Into the Nights” promo) with some issues during the stay. Please see below a summary and some questions to you regarding this, maybe this is worth an article in your “compensation clinic” newsletter.

Here is what happened:
During my 2 nights stay at the IC New York Times Square I had the following issues:
– although I hang the sign “please do not disturb” outside the door, I was woken up both days around noon time by telephone calls from the housekeeping, asking when they can clean the room
– although I hang the sign “please do not disturb” outside the door and was granted a 4pm late checkout at the time of my checkin already (as usual for Ambassador members), on my last day the housekeeping manager woke me up at 12pm by knocking on my door, asking when I would checkout
– I was locked out of my door 2 times during my stay by (most likely) wrong programming of the keycard (one time after the first night, second time due to forgotten consideration of late checkout), both times I went to the reception and they told me they need to call the security since I did not have an ID card with me. Then they let me wait both times appr. 15 minutes for nothing, since no security appeared, finally they gave me new programmed ID card after I told them my address as in the IHG profile.

So when the receptionist at the ambassador desk asked me at checkout about my stay I told her this issues and that I was not really happy about it. She answered just with the typical blablabla, so I asked for some compensation in IHG points for the inconveniences. Since she was not entitled to grant any compensation, she called the manager on duty.

A few minutes later she came back with the assistant front office manager and after a short smalltalk I told him my story again and asked for compensation. This guy was quite rude and told me basically that it is all my own fault since I have just wrong expectations, in all my issues the employees just did their job as expected by the hotel. He would offer me 5K IHG Points just to keep me quiet. After I neglected, he offered me 10K IHG Points which I finally accepted.

I find it really strange that the management of the hotel blame me as guest for having wrong expectations and that there seemed to be no will to learn from such issues.

Some questions to you John:
Do you think this issues were worth to ask for compensation?
Given the price of an award say at this hotel (50K Points), for how much would you have asked? Actually I initially asked for 50K.

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Don’t get me started about the hotel employees completely disregarding the Do Not Disturb sign. This actually happened me twice couple of weeks ago at the InterContinental Park Lane in London and haven’t had time yet to pen a complaint to the management.

Seems that the management at the InterContinental New York Times Square is arrogant by blaming the guest of their inadequate handling of the housekeeping issues. This is certainly a problem that the management needs to resolve with their housekeeping department.

The hotel gets the same reimbursement for the Into The Nights awards as they get for regular points based ones. I would say that your original compensation of 50,000 would have been fair and had “hit” the hotel too.