UPDATE: Hyatt Doubles The Points To Donation Conversion Rate For Nepal Victims

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The Hyatt’s points to donation rate was the topic of my Whine Wednesdays piece this past Wednesday (read more here).

UPDATE Whine Wednesdays Hyatt Nepal

Hyatt was only paying 0.5 cents for each Gold Passport point donated to the designated charity helping the Nepal earthquake victims. Hyatt has now reserved this decision and doubled the points to donation amount to 1 cent for each Gold Passport point.

Here’s the announcement that Hyatt posted on FlyerTalk (access here):

We are truly humbled by the response from our members and their donations for the people of Nepal through their point transfer to Mercy Corps. Hyatt Gold Passport is happy to announce that we will be increasing our donations to Mercy Corps for Nepal from US$25 per 5,000 points to $50 per 5,000 points!


It was bit of a public relations disaster for the company to potentially profit from the donations made by the Gold Passport members to help the Nepal earthquake victims. The one cent per Hyatt Gold Passport points is much fairer amount than the half cent per point used earlier.