Compensation Clinic: Lufthansa Delayed Flight & Overbooking

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This week Compensation Clinic case comes from a reader’s experience with Lufthansa’s flight delay that resulted an overbooked flight.

Compensation Clinic Lufthansa

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Here’s the message from the reader:

Flight from Venice to Frankfurt was delayed and I noticed that large portion of paxs were heading to Helsinki and were going to miss connection (originally LH planned to direct bus them to Fra-hel gate, but later announcement was made that they are rebooked). So I thought that flight was probably overbooked.

And it was. They welcomed me warmly volunteering and issued check for 400 euros. Originally they wanted to transfer it to cc, but as I had just suffered theft in Milan and needed cash, I asked for cash and they warmly suggested which agents might have most likely cash to do that.

In total they needed 4 or 5 volunteers.

Accommodation was arranged to Steigenberger hotel for status paxs (with 30 eur dinner voucher and very nice breakfast) and airport hotel for rest.

LH was unusually flexible if I asked if they could reroute me to Tallinn instead on FRA-HEL flt next morning (I had a ferry ticket from Helsinki to Tallinn next morning).

And next morning was FRA-TLL nearly overbooked as well and in gate they bumped me to C class (sadly no next 400 euro voucher).


Lufthansa did here what they were required by the EC 261/2004 regulations. The change of destination from Helsinki to Tallinn and op up to C were both added bonus.