Battle Over Waffle Maker Gets 30 Booted From A Hotel


Some people take their waffles way too seriously! Last weekend, a fight over a waffle maker at a Chicago area hotel got 30 guests booted early Sunday morning.

Battle Over Waffle Maker

These waffle makers are a staple at lower-end hotels across the United States and I believe that all Hampton Inns have them.

You can read the full story on Mlives website here of which below is an excerpt:

Two women fighting over the waffle maker in a Mason County hotel apparently ignited a major disruption over the holiday weekend inside the hotel’s buffet-style breakfast area, police say.

A Mason County Sheriff’s Office deputy stood by as 30 people were ordered by the property manager to pack their bags and leave the America’s  Best Value Inn, 5095 U.S. 10, in Pere Marquette Township.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole said it allegedly all started over the hotel’s waffle maker around 9 a.m. on Sunday, May 24.

“It sounded like one lady walked up and asked the other lady if she was in line for the waffle maker. She didn’t answer, so this lady started to make her waffle. The other confronted her and said, ‘That was my waffle’ and the other lady said, ‘No, it’s mine’ and then it went down hill from there,” Cole said.


When I was staying at a Thon branded airport hotel in Oslo last week, one Chinese woman was using the waffle maker as a toaster. I pointed out that it was not a toaster and then she just put some waffle batter over the bread. I cannot make this up.