Fabulous Fridays: Using Miles For Last Minute Travel (Missed Flight In My Case)

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When I had booked my trip to London for the last weekend, I had no idea that the following Monday was a public holiday and had booked a flight out at 7:20AM to Berlin.

Fabulous Fridays Last Minute Award Availability

My original plan was to stay the night at some Heathrow area hotel, but ended up staying in the city to catch some entertainment on Sunday night. Woke up at 6AM that was too late to catch the BA flight.

Decided to sleep until 9AM and then started to explore options getting to Berlin on the same or the following day. The prices for such a short flight were in the $500 range that didn’t make much sense.

LifeMiles showed some award availability for the Tuesday that United couldn’t see.

Then I decided to check the options using Avios. The RFS (Reward Flight Saver) is a very good use miles in a situation like this. Nothing was available in economy, but business class was open in early afternoon. Chose it and had ticket issued.


Good use of miles, although I declined the food and beverage service on this flight. Had a burger and mac & cheese at the first class lounge before the flight.

There were no award availability on these BA flights when I checked the day before. Airlines often release additional award availability very close to the departure, so it is worth checking.

Note that there are no reasons really to choose the Club Europe instead of Euro Traveler now that the BA has installed the slimline seats for business class and merely blocks the middle one. This is especially true if you have Oneworld status and have access to the lounges.