Fabulous Fridays: Truly Fast Hotel High Speed Internet (Hilton Milan, Four Points Bolzano & St. Regis Bangkok)


I often whine about BAD internet connection at hotels such as the one “premium” offering at the Hilton Rome Airport earlier this week where the “high-speed” was capped at 2 MBPS and was more like 1.3 MBPS at times.

Fabulous Fridays Fast Hotel Internet

During the past week, however, I have been to three hotels where the internet speed has been around 10 MBPS or higher; St Regis Bangkok, Four Points Bolzano and now at the Hilton Milan.

The photo above is from the connection at the Hilton Milan last night. Seems that the connection currently is bit slower at mere 10 MBPS up and 20 MBPS down. Very good for a hotel, however.

Fabulous Fridays Fast Hotel Internet St Regis Bangkok

The connection at the St. Regis Bangkok is good and has always been. It’s no wonder why the North Korean agents used that hotel’s connection at the SPA to do dump the contents of the Sony hack last year.

Fabulous Fridays Fast Hotel Internet Four Points Bolzano

And the biggest surprise was the Four Point Bolzano in Italy where the open Wifi for all the guests (didn’t require you to use room credentials) was 10 MBPS up and down.


I truly hope that the internet situation would be getting better, but the speed or really lack of is bad at many full service locations and I don’t get why. The problem would go away by throwing some money at it.

If I know that the hotel has a very bad internet connection, I simply cannot go there. I am more likely to choose a hotel that has fast connection and willing to pay a small premium for it if needed. I need internet to get my work done. Plain and simple.

The issue usually is the bandwidth limitation with their current provider. Just upgrade the plan or change the service provider. This is exactly what the Le Meridien Surawong should do but hasn’t. They have a deal with the ISP that allows set number of connections from the hotel. Once this has been reached, the system won’t let you in and/or starts to kick out current connections. Completely unacceptable.

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