Marriott Rewards Delta Hotels Integration: Recognition Benefits Starts June 18 & Earn/Redeem From Early 2016

Marriott acquired Canada based Delta chain of 44 hotels in early 2015 (read more here) for C$168.

Marriott Rewards Delta Hotels benefits Start June 28 2015

Now, the hotels are slowly becoming part of Marriott Rewards. Elite recognition program starts at all Delta hotels on June 18, 2015, and the ability to earn and burn Marriott Rewards points at Delta hotels will follow in early 2016 (date has not yet announced).

You can access Marriott Rewards page for Delta hotels here.

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Here’s the chart for benefits coming on June 18, 2015:

Marriott Rewards Delta Hotels benefits Start June 18 2015 ChartMarriott Rewards Delta Hotels benefits Start June 18 2015 Chart More

Marriott Rewards Silver/Gold/Platinum members will get all of their elite benefits starting on June 18, 2015 (even the Ultimate Reservation Guarantee). The Delta’s own program benefit of hotel credits and room upgrades will go away on February 29, 2016.


Glad that Marriott Rewards is able to integrate these Delta hotels to its program far faster than what happened with the Protea purchase couple of years back (all Protea hotels should be participating later this year). Elite members will get their benefits come June 18, although earning and redeeming points won’t begin before sometime in early 2016.

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