Marriott Rewards Unsolicited Gold Status Fast Track

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When I wrote about Marriott Rewards status match/road to-offers last month (access here), I noted that Marriott sometimes offers these automatically to existing members.

Marriott Rewards Unsolicited Gold Match Summer 2015

A LoyaltyLobby reader just forwarded me a Gold offer that he had received as a Silver member from Marriott that requires 12 nights by September 30 (basically in a four month period).

You can access Marriott’s Promotion Central here (where you should see if your account has been targeted to one of these offers).

Marriott Rewards Unsolicited Gold Match Summer 2015 Text

This is one of the “Road to” offers as it doesn’t offer the Gold status up front for the period of the challenge. The status will only be upgraded once the 12 nights are in during the offer period.

Some members may receive similar offers that give them the status for the period of four months and the status is then simply extended if the goal is met.


Marriott Rewards is very good at these offers of fast tracking members to Gold and sometimes to Platinum status.

The member that had received this offer had close to 10 Marriott nights in this year (some might have been from the credit card).

Gold over Silver is major elite upgrade and comes with some significant benefits such as the lounge access that is worthwhile especially at hotels outside of the North America.

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