SAS Now Limiting Drinks On European “Business” Class To Three?


A Swedish website The Local Se was reporting last week that SAS has made a decision to limit alcoholic beverages to three on its European routes.

SAS Limit Drinks To Three On European Routes

SAS charges for basically everything in European economy class, but those in SAS Plus can have complimentary beverages including alcohol.

You can access the The Local Se’s article here of which below is an excerpt:

Scandinavian airline SAS has announced new guidelines designed to limit passengers travelling within Europe to three alcoholic drinks per flight, following problems with drunk passengers last summer.

The airline revealed on Tuesday that intoxicated passengers had caused problems for cabin crew staff on routes to several European destinations in 2014 and that the company had therefore decided to introduce new guidelines to help limit the number of beers, spirits and wines consumed on its flights across the continent.

“We had a few situations last year, but I can’t go into the details,”  Malin Selander, head of media relations in Sweden, told The Local.

“These are not hard and fast rules, but guidelines that cabin crew can lean on so that if passengers appear to be getting too drunk they can be asked to stop drinking.”


So, if you would like to have more than three adult beverages on European route in business class for sure, choose to fly with other airline.

Of course the flight attendants can already deny serving adult beverages for passengers that appear to be intoxicated and enforcing this would have been better move than implementing three drinks guideline.

I am long past drinking alcohol because it is “free” and decline them more often nowadays. If I feel having few beverages on some flights and I am not disruptive or intoxicated, why should SAS care how many I have?