Flying Food At LAX (Airline Food Supplier): Food Safety At Risk?


There was an interesting report by United based on the FDA inspection of Flying Food’s airline food preparation facility that supplies many airlines flying out of LAX.

CBS Local

The findings include insects and rodents in the kitchen area. Some workers also claimed that Flying Food was supplying spoiled food.

You can access the CBS Local story here of which below is an excerpt:

According to the report, more than half of responding workers reported evidence of insects or rodents in the kitchen. Four workers told those conducting the survey that food preparation dates are regularly changed, while others claimed dirty or spoiled food is used to prepare airline meals.

“Last year, a co-worker found a cockroach in her salad from the cafeteria , and the lettuce sometimes is a dark color,” one kitchen worker reported. “Two months ago, in my department we found two mice….Also, there are many mosquitos and other insects in the room where I work.”

Another 25 percent of those surveyed said hand-washing soap is sometimes unavailable, posing a potential hazard for 70 percent of respondents who reported coming to work sick, the survey found.

The findings by an FDA inspector were the result of a routine visit earlier this year to food service facilities at LAX, The New York Times reported.

Flying Food Group prepares meals for some of the world’s largest airlines, including Air France and British Airways, according to The Times.

Here’s the report released by Unite:

Download (PDF, 1.08MB)


Well, it appears that not all is good with the Flying Food Group at the LAX. I partly blame the airlines that often choose the lowest cost bidder and this is usually what you get. The supplier is in turn cutting the corners to make a profit that in this case could put the flying public that eat food provided by them in danger.

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