Whine Wednesdays: DO NOT DISTURB! (Rant)


I have been ranting about this very same issue several times before, but WHY it is so difficult for the hotels to teach their employees NOT to knock the door when the DO NOT DISTURB sign is hanging out?

Whine Wednesdays Do Not Disturb

Don’t the hotels properly train their employees to stay away from the room or suite when the sign is on and just report it to the front desk?

This has again happened twice in the past week and it is not tied to the quality of the hotel:

Was not feeling well and had the DND on at the Park Hyatt Milan. The hotel employees disregarded this twice by knocking the door once when I was trying to sleep.

And earlier today at the AC hotel in Bologna by housekeeping around noon. I had a late check out confirmed (and actually extended my stay).


I don’t blame the housekeeping department for this, but the management that hasn’t trained the employees properly.

It is just nuts that employees keep knocking the door at the property such as the Park Hyatt Milan where they were well aware of not to disturb me as I had reported the previous incident to the management (may be I should write a Compensation Clinic case about that stay).

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