Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Park Plaza & Quorvus 30% Off Europe, Middle East & Africa Summer Sale For Stays June 22 – September 6, 2015


Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Park Plaza & Quorvus hotels have launched a 30% off Summer Sale for stays at participating hotels in Europe, Middle East & Africa between June 22 – September 6, 2015.

Radisson Blu Park Inn Plaza Quorvus Europe Middle East Africa 30 Percent Off Dreamdeals Summer 2015

The offer is valid for bookings made until June 19. There is no minimum or maximums stay requirement. The pre-sale ends this coming Sunday.

You can make the booking on Radisson’s website here.

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Radisson Blu Park Inn Plaza Quorvus Europe Middle East Africa 30 Percent Off Dreamdeals Summer 2015 Code

Note that you must use promotional code DREAMDLS to bring up the discounted rates.

Here’s rate display for July weekend night in Berlin:

Radisson Blu Park Inn Plaza Quorvus Europe Middle East Africa 30 Percent Off Dreamdeals Summer 2015 Berlin 1Radisson Blu Park Inn Plaza Quorvus Europe Middle East Africa 30 Percent Off Dreamdeals Summer 2015 Berlin 2Radisson Blu Park Inn Plaza Quorvus Europe Middle East Africa 30 Percent Off Dreamdeals Summer 2015 Berlin 3

The rates are really low and only one of the eight hotels in the city didn’t have rate loaded for this sale

Here are the participating hotels:


Linz Park Inn by Radisson Linz

Salzburg Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt, Salzburg


Baku Park Inn by Radisson Azerbaijan Baku


Manama The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa


Antwerp Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp

Antwerp Park Inn by Radisson Antwerpen

Brussels Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels

Brussels Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Brussels

Brussels Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi

Hasselt Radisson Blu Hotel, Hasselt

Leuven Park Inn by Radisson Leuven

Liege Park Inn by Radisson Liège Airport Hotel

Spa Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Spa

Spa Radisson Blu Balmoral Hotel, Spa


Sofia Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia

Sofia Park Inn by Radisson Sofia


Beijing Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing


Pula Park Plaza Arena Pula

Czech Republic

Ostrava Park Inn by Radisson Ostrava

Prague Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague

Prague Park Inn Prague


Aalborg Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel, Aalborg

Aarhus Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus

Copenhagen Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel & Conference Centre, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport

Odense Radisson Blu H.C. Andersen Hotel, Odense

Silkeborg Radisson Blu Hotel Papirfabrikken, Silkeborg


Cairo Radisson Blu Hotel, Cairo Heliopolis

El Quseir Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir

Sharm el Sheikh Radisson Blu Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh Park Inn by Radisson Sharm El Sheikh Resort


Tallinn Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn

Tallinn Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn

Tallinn Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn


Addis Ababa Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa


Espoo Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo

Helsinki Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki

Helsinki Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki

Helsinki Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel, Helsinki

Oulu Radisson Blu Hotel, Oulu

Turku Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Turku


Bourg Saint Maurice – Les Arcs Radisson Blu Resort, Arc 1950

Lille Park Inn by Radisson Lille Grand Stade

Marseille Radisson Blu Hotel, Marseille

Nantes Radisson Blu Hotel, Nantes

Nice Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice

Nice Park Inn by Radisson Nice

Paris Radisson Blu Hotel at Disneyland Paris

Paris Radisson Blu Hotel, Paris Boulogne

Paris Radisson Blu Metropolitan Hotel, Paris Eiffel

Paris Radisson Blu Hotel, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris Trocadéro

Paris Radisson Blu Champs Elysées, Paris

Toulouse Radisson Blu Hotel Toulouse Airport


Libreville Park Inn by Radisson Libreville


Batumi Radisson Blu Hotel, Batumi

Tbilisi Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi


Baden-Baden Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel, Baden-Baden

Berlin Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin

Berlin art’otel berlin city center west, by park plaza

Berlin art’otel berlin kudamm, by park plaza

Berlin art’otel berlin-mitte, by park plaza

Berlin Park Plaza Wallstreet Berlin Mitte

Berlin Park Plaza Prenzlauer Berg Berlin

Berlin Park Inn by Radisson Berlin City-West

Berlin Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz

Bielefeld Park Inn by Radisson Bielefeld

Bremen Radisson Blu Hotel, Bremen

Cologne Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne

Cologne art’otel cologne, by park plaza

Cologne Park Inn by Radisson Cologne City West

Cottbus Radisson Blu Hotel, Cottbus

Dessau Radisson Blu Fürst Leopold Hotel, Dessau

Dortmund Radisson Blu Hotel, Dortmund

Dresden Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre

Dresden art’otel dresden, by park plaza

Dresden Park Inn by Radisson Dresden

Dusseldorf Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf Park Inn by Radisson Düsseldorf Süd

Erfurt Radisson Blu Hotel, Erfurt

Erfurt Apfelstadt Park Inn by Radisson Erfurt-Apfelstädt

Frankfurt Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt

Frankfurt Park Inn by Radisson Frankfurt Airport

Göttingen Park Inn by Radisson Göttingen

Hamburg Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg

Hamburg Park Inn by Radisson Hamburg Nord

Hannover Radisson Blu Hotel, Hannover

Karlsruhe Radisson Blu Hotel, Karlsruhe

Leipzig Radisson Blu Hotel, Leipzig

Mannheim Park Inn by Radisson Mannheim

Munich Park Inn by Radisson Munich East

Munich Park Inn by Radisson Munich Frankfurter Ring

Neubrandenburg Radisson Blu Hotel, Neubrandenburg

Nürnberg Park Inn by Radisson Nürnberg

Stuttgart Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart

Weimar Park Inn by Radisson Weimar

Wiesbaden Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel, Wiesbaden


Athens Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Athens


Budapest Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, Budapest

Budapest art’otel budapest, by park plaza

Budapest Park Inn by Radisson Budapest

Sarvar Park Inn by Radisson Sarvar Resort and Spa


Athlone Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone

Cork Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork

Dublin Radisson Blu St. Helens Hotel, Dublin

Letterkenny Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny

Limerick Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Limerick.


Galzignano Terme (Padova) Radisson Blu Resort, Terme di Galzignano

Milan Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan


Aqaba Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort, Aqaba


Astana Radisson Hotel, Astana

Astana Park Inn by Radisson Astana


Kuwait Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait

Kuwait Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait


Riga Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel, Riga

Riga Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Riga

Riga Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, Riga

Riga Radisson Blu Ridzene Hotel, Riga


Beirut Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel, Beirut


Klaipeda Radisson Blu Hotel, Klaipeda

Klaipeda Park Inn by Radisson Klaipeda

Vilnius Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius

Vilnius Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius

Vilnius Park Inn by Radisson Vilnius


Bamako Radisson Blu Hotel, Bamako


Malta Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands


Maputo Radisson Blu Hotel, Maputo

Tete Park Inn by Radisson Tete


Amsterdam Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol

Amsterdam Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam

Amsterdam Park Plaza Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam art’otel amsterdam, by park plaza

Amsterdam Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Eindhoven Park Plaza Eindhoven

Utrecht Park Plaza Utrecht


Lagos Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos, V.I.


Beitostolen Radisson Blu Resort, Beitostølen

Bergen Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen

Bergen Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen

Bodo Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø

Gardermoen Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo

Gardermoen Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport

Haugesund Radisson Blu Hotel, Haugesund

Haugesund Park Inn by Radisson Haugesund Airport

Kristiansand Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel, Kristiansand

Lillehammer Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel, Lillehammer

Oslo Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Oslo

Oslo Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo

Oslo Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen, Oslo

Oslo Radisson Blu Hotel, Oslo Alna

Oslo Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo

Oslo Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre Oslo Alna

Oslo Park Inn by Radisson Oslo

Stavanger Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Stavanger

Stavanger Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel

Stavanger Park Inn by Radisson Stavanger

Tromso Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromsø

Trondheim Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim

Trondheim Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim Airport

Trysil Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil


Duqm Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Residence Duqm

Muscat Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat

Muscat Park Inn by Radisson Muscat


Gdansk Radisson Blu Hotel, Gdansk

Krakow Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow

Krakow Park Inn by Radisson Krakow

Szczecin Radisson Blu Hotel, Szczecin

Warsaw Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw

Warsaw Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, Warsaw

Wroclaw Radisson Blu Hotel, Wroclaw


Doha Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha


Bucharest Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest


Astrakhan Park Inn by Radisson Astrakhan

Chelyabinsk Radisson Blu Hotel, Chelyabinsk

Ekaterinburg Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg

Izhevsk Park Inn by Radisson Izhevsk

Kaliningrad Radisson Hotel, Kaliningrad

Kazan Park Inn by Radisson Kazan

Moscow Radisson Blu Belorusskaya Hotel, Moscow

Moscow Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel & Business Center

Moscow Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

Moscow Park Inn by Radisson Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow

Moscow Park Inn by Radisson Sadu Moscow

Petrozavodsk Park Inn by Radisson Petrozavodsk

Sheremetyevo Radisson Blu Hotel, Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

Sochi Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi

Sochi Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel, Sochi

Sochi Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor

Sochi – Rosa Khutor Radisson Hotel Rosa Khutor

St. Petersburg Radisson Sonya Hotel, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovo Airport St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Park Inn by Radisson Nevsky St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya

St. Petersburg Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya

Yaroslavl Park Inn by Radisson Yaroslavl

Zavidovo Radisson Resort, Zavidovo

Saudi Arabia

Al Khobar City Park Inn by Radisson Al Khobar

Dammam Park Inn by Radisson Dammam

Dhahran Radisson Blu Hotel Dhahran

Jeddah Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah

Jeddah Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah

Jizan Radisson Blu Resort, Jizan

Riyadh Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh

Yanbu Radisson Blu Hotel, Yanbu


Dakar Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar


Belgrade Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade

Sierra Leone

Freetown Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown


Bratislava Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bratislava

Bratislava Park Inn by Radisson Danube Bratislava

South Africa

Cape Town Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town

Cape Town Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel, Cape Town

Cape Town Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore

Cape Town Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Newlands

Johannesburg Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg

Johannesburg Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton Johannesburg

Johannesburg Park Inn by Radisson Sandton

Port Elizabeth Radissson Blu Hotel Port Elizabeth


Madrid Radisson Blu Hotel, Madrid Prado


Gothenburg Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Göteborg

Lund Park Inn by Radisson Lund

Malmo Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmö

Malmo Park Inn by Radisson Malmö

Stockholm Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm

Stockholm Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda

Stockholm Radisson Blu Strand Hotel, Stockholm

Stockholm Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm

Stockholm Radisson Blu SkyCity Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda

Stockholm Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Hammarby Sjöstad

Stockholm Park Inn by Radisson Solna

Uppsala Radisson Blu Hotel, Uppsala

Uppsala Park Inn by Radisson Uppsala


Basel Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel

Lucerne Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne

Lully Park Inn by Radisson Lully

St. Gallen Radisson Blu Hotel, St. Gallen

Zurich Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport

Zurich Park Inn by Radisson Zurich Airport


Djerba Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso, Djerba

Djerba Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso, Djerba

Hammamet Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso, Hammamet


Ankara Radisson Blu Hotel, Ankara

Cesme Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Cesme

Istanbul Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla

Istanbul Radisson Blu Conference & Airport Hotel, Istanbul

Istanbul Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul

Istanbul Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Asia

Istanbul Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Kayseri Radisson Blu Hotel, Kayseri

Mersin Radisson Blu Hotel, Mersin


Bukovel Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel

Kiev Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv

Kiev Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Abu Dhabi Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Dubai Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City

Dubai Radisson Royal Hotel

Dubai Radisson Blu Hotel Downtown

Dubai Radisson Blu Residence, Dubai Marina

Dubai Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Dubai Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Apartments

Fujairah Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah

Sharjah Radisson Blu Resort, Sharjah

United Kingdom

Aberdeen Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen

Bedford Park Inn by Radisson Bedford

Belfast Radisson Blu Hotel, Belfast

Belfast Park Inn by Radisson Belfast

Birmingham Radisson Blu Hotel, Birmingham

Birmingham Park Inn by Radisson Birmingham Walsall

Bristol Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol

Cardiff Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff

Cardiff Park Inn by Radisson Cardiff City Centre

Cardiff Park Inn by Radisson Cardiff North

Derby Radisson Blu Hotel East Midlands Airport

Doncaster Park Inn by Radisson Doncaster

Durham Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham

Edinburgh Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh

Edinburgh G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh

Glasgow Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

Glasgow Park Inn by Radisson Glasgow City Centre

Harlow Park Inn by Radisson Harlow

Leeds Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds

Leeds Park Plaza Leeds

Liverpool Radisson Blu Hotel, Liverpool

London Park Plaza Riverbank London

London Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes London

London Park Plaza County Hall London

London Park Plaza Victoria London

London Plaza on the River, London

London Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

London Heathrow Park Inn Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow

Manchester Park Inn by Radisson Manchester City Centre

Northampton Park Inn by Radisson Northampton

Nottingham Park Plaza Nottingham

Nottingham Park Inn by Radisson Nottingham

Peterborough Park Inn by Radisson Peterborough

Southend-on-Sea Park Inn by Radisson Palace Southend-on-Sea

Stansted Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport, Stansted

Telford Park Inn by Radisson Telford

Thurrock Park Inn by Radisson Thurrock

West Bromwich Park Inn by Radisson Birmingham West M5 J1

York Park Inn by Radisson York City Centre


Tashkent Radisson Blu Hotel, Tashkent


Lusaka Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka


This seems to be one of the better sales for Club Carlson members this summer in Europe, Middle East & Africa. The 30% off discount seems to be real based on the searches that I made.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • Offer consists of a 30% discount on the standard guest room’s applicable retail rate at each individual participating hotel; the applicable discount is only guaranteed at the time of reservation. Offer is valid at participating Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson, Quorvus Collection and Park Plaza hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The offer is subject to availability.
  • Bookings must be made between 11/06/2015 and 19/06/2015 for stays between 22/06/2015 to 06/09/2015.
  • No minimum length of stay required. No maximum length of stay.
  • Non-refundable credit card prepayment for entire stay is required at the time of booking.
  • No changes, cancellations or adjustments to the reservation are permitted. The amount charged for the booking shall be non-refundable.
  • Offer is available for individual bookings only. Name on the reservation must be identical with the credit card holder’s name. Same individual must check-in for stay
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.
  • The individual participating hotel’s sales and service conditions apply.
  • Offer entitles Club Carlson members to earn Gold Points®. No frequent flyer miles will be awarded on Dream Deals.
  • This offer may be changed or discontinued at any time.
  • Offer is subject to the law applicable at the participating hotel’s location and shall be void or not applicable where prohibited by law.

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