Compensation Clinic: Park Hyatt Milan


The Hyatt “touch” was definitely missing when I stayed at the Park Hyatt Milan for a night, a couple of weeks back to check out the property.

Compensation Clinic Park Hyatt Milan

The location of the hotel is great and they try to upgrade Diamond members beyond what is required by the Hyatt Gold Passport T&C’s.

You can access Park Hyatt Milan’s website here.

Here are the issues that I had:

  1. Check in: First question was to ask for my passport, that is not even required. I presented my national ID card that can be used for intra-Schengen travel. No word about my Diamond amenity choice.
  2. Do Not Disturb: Twice during the stay employees were knocking at the door when the DND was on.
  3. Breakfast: First question was what is my room number before I was even offered anything. Left without eating.
  4. Room service: Requested a small pitcher of non-sweetened iced tea. Person couldn’t understand what a pitcher was and I asked him to consult a dictionary. Received a glass of iced tea.
  5. Room not functional: Good luck getting any work done inside the junior suite I had. Not enough power ports, too dark even when all the lights were on and the desk chair was extremely uncomfortable.
  6. Internet & TV: There were some issues with the internet too. Had to log in several times and the speed could have been better. Some issues with the TV as well (design over function).

I wasn’t a very happy camper when I was checking out and one of the managers came to talk with me. I pointed out the issues I had had during my stay and they offered 30,000 points for the inconveniences. It was the same amount I had used for the award.


When you stay at one of the Hyatt’s flagship properties you would think that the experience would be seamless? Shouldn’t the stay be close to perfect when you stay at Park Hyatt branded hotels?

I didn’t ask for any compensation and wasn’t frankly expecting them to basically waive the charge for the night by issuing the same number of points I had used.

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