Bad week for the Singapore Airlines Family! (Maintenance Issues, Delays, Emergency Landings)


Singapore Airlines (SIA) and it’s sister companies SilkAir and Scoot are in the news for all the wrong reasons this week.

Singapore Airlines, A380, KrisFlyer

First the unfortunate and very chaotic 22 hour delay of a Scoot Airlines flight from Singapore to Perth that left passengers stranded without care at Changi Airport (Loyalty Lobby reported about this incident here).

Now further news developed that a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777, SQ425 on the 21st of May, en route from Mumbai to Singapore had to make an emergency landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport due to a ‘technical issue’ as Channel News Asia reported.

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) aircraft, flight 425, made an emergency landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Sepang, after encountering a technical problem.

A Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) spokesman said the Boeing 777-200
aircraft had departed from Mumbai, India at 8.44am and expected to arrive in
Singapore at 4.44pm, made the emergency landing at KLIA at 4.05pm.

“The plane landed safely and all its passengers and crew were also reported
to be safe, with no injury sustained,” he said when contacted.

The spokesman said the cause of the incident was still being investigated.

To top all of this off, today Silk Air flight MI8334 from Singapore to Hainan Island had to divert to Haikou (see the corresponding article of the Straits Times)  and make an emergency landing there due to the typhoon Kujira that impacted the flight.

MI8334, which left Singapore at around 7am, was due to arrive at Sanya Phoenix International Airport at 10am.

But strong wind conditions forced the pilot to abort an attempted landing. It then circled above the airport for an hour before a decision was made to divert to Haikou to refuel.


This was certainly not a good week for SQ (Singapore Airlines) being present with one customer service debacle and two emergency landings within the same group of companies. While the average consumer does not directly associate the head brand with the smaller subsidiaries, in situations like these the media loves to point it out and it can create real damage to the brand image.

With the brand portfolio of the big airlines ever growing it shows that Quality Assurance (especially in the case of Scoot) is an elementary part that should not be neglected.