IHG Rewards Club 15% Off Merchandise Reward Sale Until July 31, 2015

IHG Rewards Club has launched 15% off of select merchandise rewards until July 31, 2015.

IHG Rewards Club Merchandise Rewards Sale Summer 2015 U

The sale selection will change every 14 days and consists of electronics and other items.

You can access the IHG’s page for rewards offers here.

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Featured products:

IHG Rewards Club Merchandise Rewards Sale Summer 2015 Items

You can reveal items by hovering around the box. When compared to prices on Amazon.com, the value of an IHG Rewards Club point it less than 0.3 cents each (less than one third of a cent).


Using IHG Rewards Club points for these merchandise rewards make no sense at all unless you have absolutely no other use for them. Better to get some value out of points than never using them.

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