Going to Pyongyang? – North Korea To Open New Airport Terminal on July 1st 2015

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In case you are planning to visit anytime soon, North Korea will open a new terminal (Terminal 2) at Pyongyang International Airport on July 1st 2015.

The ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-Un already did a grand inspection tour of the new facilities and since we haven’t heard of any casualties (yet) he must have been satisfied with the progress.


As Channel News Asia reported today, Kim has pushed this project forward along with many other construction projects in the country and even used the army to complete these developments.

When the new terminal opens, the airport’s existing terminal is expected to be used only for the country’s few domestic routes.

Kim ordered construction of the new terminal in July 2012 because the existing terminal was considered too small and shabby compared with foreign rivals.

The new terminal is six times larger than the old one, but it remains unclear how North Korea will be able to generate the passenger numbers that would justify its construction.

It opens as the isolated Stalinist state remains one of the world’s least-visited countries with few scheduled flights to Pyongyang, mostly from Beijing and Moscow.

I have been looking into connection to North Korea as I still have not visited the country and ex Beijing the only airlines flying there are the national airline Air Koryo as well as Air China.


I will certainly visit North Korea at one point, even though I’m aware it’s a controversial topic. It’s amazing to see these Megaprojects happening there one has to wonder about the funding for all this in the light of the economic state of the DPRK.  It’ll be interesting to see how North Korea will be able to grow the international air traffic and corresponding arrivals to make use of this facility.

Let’s hope for the best that this eventually goes therein with some political changes and (at one point in the future) improvements for the general population.

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