Cheap Malaysia Airlines Business Class ex BKK is Back! – Great To Collect BA Status Miles!


For the past 12 months or so, Malaysia Airlines periodically runs excellent promotional fares in Business Class ex Bangkok to various destinations within Asia. Those are great for the collection of Status Miles/Credits, especially if you collect with British Airways Executive Club.

I have been anxiously awaiting these fares to return due to an upcoming trip to Beijing and ‘today was the day’ so to speak.


Generally there are many destinations which I will list below, however for the purpose of maximizing your status credits with British Airways it is key to select flights that are over a certain threshold to jump from just 40 Tier Points for shorter flights (such as the feeder BKK-KUL) to 140 Tier Points for the connection.

Available destinations include: Beijing (14,800 THB), Shanghai (14,700 THB), Tokyo (24,300 THB), Taipei (16,400 THB), Hong Kong (10,700 THB), Denpasar (Bali) (13,400 THB), Singapore (11,070 THB)


The bolded destinations will net you the max amount of 360 status credits per trip (40+140+140+40). The remaining ones earn 160 Tier Points total (40+40+40+40) for 4 shorter segments.



I have taken advantage of these fares quiet a few times this past year and have to say that it was a great way to combine my necessary trips with a nice Tier Point earning ratio. I was also quiet satisfied with the service onboard Malaysia Airlines on most flights.

If you are a BAEC (British Airways Executive Club) Member in need of status credits and a flight ex Bangkok is an option for you then you might want to look out for these fares. In fact they are so cheap that it isn’t even worth it to consider using miles if you really need to fly these routes.