Singapore Airlines Rolls Out Premium Economy Class – Pricing Largely Unrealistic


During the past months Singapore Airlines has installed Premium Economy Class on many of their aircraft and is now deploying it throughout their fleet. I’m currently in Thailand and my Facebook Newsfeed got an advert from SQ related to this which caught my interest.

You can access Singapore Airlines website to find this offer here.


The advertised pricing however left me baffled when I looked at the rates associated with this new product.


Now, I spend a good amount of time every year in Bangkok and often buy tickets from here. Henceforth this immediately struck me as being very expensive knowing that airlines such as Cathay Pacific or Malaysia Airlines permanently sell very low priced Business Class ex BKK. Here are some examples of what I have purchased in the last 12 months (prices include tax):

Bangkok to Singapore, Business Class: Cathay Pacific 11,711 THB / Malaysia Airlines 9,711 THB

Bangkok to Hong Kong, Business Class: Cathay Pacific 12,035 THB / Malaysia Airlines 9,930 THB

Bangkok to Beijing, Business Class: Cathay Pacific 19,900 THB / Malaysia Airlines 14,880 THB


I’m sure that Singapore Airlines Premium Economy is a decent product but charging double than what other Airlines have as ongoing special fares in Business Class, at least intra Asia?

Looking for longhaul travel the pricing is also non-competitive. ~ 59,000 THB to Europe (1750 US$) is significantly higher than British Airways offers from their gateways in Asia (~ 1,400$ – sometimes even less). New York is advertised with an insane 84,000 THB (2,490 USD) which already provides a base fare for some Business Class Fares with some Asian Carriers that are admittedly not on the same service level as Singapore Airlines.


It’s always good to have a choice in different products. Introducing Premium Economy Class has become an increasing trend, last year LoyaltyLobby wrote about the announcement of Lufthansa Premium Economy and I had a chance of testing the product since then. I was quiet satisfied because it proved to be a big difference to regular Economy Class due to the configuration and distance to your seatmate.

In the case of Singapore Airlines however I’m not so sure if their pricing corresponds with the product, especially in light of the competition. With some companies cutting back in their travel policies for corporate travelers it might prove to be a convenient buffer before effectively ‘banning’ people to Economy Class.

Leisure Travelers might get a better bargain by buying frequent flyer miles and booking award travel in First- and Business Class. We will continue to post such promotions here on LoyaltyLobby to give you the best option for your travel!


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