NOW CONFIRMED – Alitalia Status Match Promotion


Last Sunday I wrote about the current Status Match Promotion that Alitalia offers for members of competing airlines. I sent in my credentials as well and promised to get back to you once I have this for sure confirmed and hear back from some of you regarding your experiences. I’m happy to say that my match from BA Executive Club (Gold Level) got approved and I have been awarded Freccia Alata Plus Status, although just for a period of 9 months (3-2016) while others reported being matched until 3-2017.

AZ Match ConfIn addition to my successful match from British Airways Executive Club I have also heard from some of you that were able to successfully apply with Status of Lufthansa Miles & More and Air Berlin.

Either I was just unlucky having been awarded the status just until March 2016 or it had to do with my BA membership year running until February 2016 (BA uses a revolving status year which depends on the date you sign up / qualify for your status).

So far people reported the following results:

BA Gold -> Freccia Alata Plus

Air Berlin Gold -> Freccia Alata

Air Berlin Platinum -> Freccia Alata Plus

Lufthansa Senator  / HON -> Freccia Alata Plus

Keep in mind that this status match is also a good opportunity should other match offers come along and there are also significant benefits due to Alitalia’s status as Etihad Partner Airline including Air Berlin and Jet Airways.


This was one of the better status match promotions we have seen recently and processed very quickly, opposite to these ongoing Etihad matches that seem to be administered on an ad-hoc basis and by cherry picking individual members. I have applied for these Etihad Matches 4 times and never got a reply, since then I don’t bother anymore.

Hope you all can enjoy the benefits of your new SkyTeam Status and please share your experiences with this promotion below!