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I have been to many Starwood hotels and quite a few unremarkable Sheratons (mainly in the North America), but the one at the London’s Heathrow must be the worst one (yet).

Compensation Clinic Sheraton Heathrow

It should tell you something when the hotel is the second last on the TripAdvisor ratings (now third) and their SPG rating is 3.3 (reviews left by SPG members after their stays).

You can access Sheraton Heathrow’s website here.

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Compensation Clinic Sheraton Heathrow SPG

Here’s message that I sent to Starwood after my stay:

Comments: I don’t understand why Starwood allows this hotel to be affiliated with the Sheraton brand. It is worse than the worst Four Points that I have ever stayed at.

1. Check in: no room keys prepared in advance, couldn’t find an upgrade or even a king room.

2. Club lounge was so full in the evening that people were having drinks in the hallway when I was going to my room.

3. Had a connecting door and could hear when people in the other room spoke, turned on the TV or even sneezed.

4. Was trying to sleep late in the morning, but that was impossible due to absolutely no noise insulation. They should provide earplugs by default.

5. Hotel tried to scam me with the UNICEF contribution that was added to the bill by default and required mehaving to stop by the front desk to have it removed. The literature that they give you at the time of checking out says that you can add this “voluntarily” contribution at the time of checking out even when it is practically forced by the property.

TripAdvisor is full of complaints from people who have stayed at this property and it is on the second last place for Heathrow hotels (11 out of 12).

I Request 7,000 Starpoint for the inconvenience of having stayed at this hotel.

The compensation was granted and the points issued to my account.


I had stayed at this very same property 18 to 20 months ago and all they have done is to renovate the lobby. The room/suite photos that are shown on their website cannot be actual ones or they have been heavily edited.

It is really sad that Starwood allows this property to be affiliated with its Sheraton brand. If this is your first Sheraton stay, you probably won’t choose the brand again, although most of the properties are solid business hotels. The chain is spending considerable amount of money trying to revitalize the brand.

The hotel must get tons of complaints because this was entirely handled by the Platinum desk. Usually, they just open a file that is then dealt with at the property level.

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