Thai Airways 55th Anniversary Promotions For Royal Orchid Plus Members

This year, Thai Airways is celebrating it’s 55th anniversary and for this occasion some special promotions have been made available for the member of their frequent flier program Royal Orchid Plus (access the e-newsletter here).

TGpromoAnnThere are two different promotions that are currently available, however one of them is for domestic Thailand residents only.The first promotion to have a look at is ‘Celebration Bonus Miles‘ which is applicable to all members worldwide. It offers a staggered bonus of 550 miles for every 5500 miles flown (10%) for flight between 01 June unti 31 December 2015. Each 5500 miles level constitutes one threshold level and member can earn an additional 5,500 miles bonus after reaching the 5th and 10th threshold respectively. You can access the details on the newsletter as referenced above.

TG Promo2015

The maximum number of bonus miles under this promotion is 16,500 after 55,000 Miles flown and with accumulation of both thresholds. That constitutes a 30% Bonus and is a nice extra especially as you would be a ROP Gold Member after that activity.

The second promotion ‘5 in 5 For a Free Gift‘ is limited to domestic Thailand residents as per the Terms & Conditions. It runs from 01 June until 31st October 2015 and once you have completed your five sector you have to contact Thai ROP via email to claim your prize. However the merchandise items that are up for grabs are limited to 550 items and I would expect those to be gone rather quickly.

TG5in5Depending on how popular and accepted this promotion will be (assuming it is administered fairly in the first place) I’d not expect to be able to claim an item the closer it gets towards October.


The only interesting rewarding promotion is the ‘Celebration Bonus Miles’ as this is an automatic process and you can monitor your progress and eligibility. While Royal Orchid Plus is not the most rewarding program out there, they have some ‘special sales’ for award tickets on a regular basis and Gold Members should still be eligible for the 50% Off Award once per year. So the extra 16,500 miles could come in handy if you are able to max out the promotion.

Looking at the ‘5 in 5’ promotion I’m pretty certain it’s a waste of time as those items will be gone quickly if there are indeed only 550 items out there. I really don’t get this, how expensive can it be to produce a few cheap toys and t-shirts in Thailand that are after all advertisement items anyway. Either way, if you reside in Thailand you can give it a shot for sure and please let us know if you were able to claim an award!


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