Expedia Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions July 8, 2015 Update


Expedia has tweaked its popular Best Price Guarantee Terms and conditions for the umpteenth time.

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Changes July 8 2015

Overall, the changes this time are positive. Those that tend to use the hotel price guarantee at the very last minute are in for a surprise, however.

You can access Expedia’s web page for Best Price Guarantee program here.

Here are the July 8, 2015 changes:

– Hotel Best Price Guarantee claims must be filled minimum of two days before intended check in date (11:59PM PT). Previously they could be filed even the day of check in (no deadline really) as long as it was within 24 hours of making the reservation.

– Unlikely with hotel, car or cruise BRGs, there is no longer need to file the claim within 24 hours of making the purchase. You only have to do it minimum of two days before intended check in time (11:59PM PT).

– There is no longer requirement of having to pay full before filing the Best Price Guarantee claim. You can now do a BRG towards Pay At Hotel booking too.

– The same booking fare class requirement has been removed for flights. The cabin (economy, premium economy, business or first) must be same.

– Expedia now promises to issue the Best Price Guarantee coupon 3 to 4 weeks after the action has taken place. Previously it was 6 to 8 weeks.


I tend to book my Expedia hotels at the very last minute, so the requirement of minimum of two days before is negative for me. The fact that you can now do the hotel claim up to two days before of your stay (not within 24 hours of making the booking) is positive for all.

The removal of having the same booking code for flight bookings is sensible. I have had couple of claims denied because Expedia couldn’t confirm what fare class Orbitz and Priceline were selling.

The Expedia is now taking a long time to process these claims. Sometimes you don’t hear back from them for a week. Two years ago, they sometimes replied back within minutes.

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