UPDATE: Alitalia MilleMiglia Status Match Program Now Promoted On Alitalia.com (Valid Through December 31, 2015)


Sebastian has covered the Alitalia status match program on his posts here and here. Now, Alitalia has made this program public on its website.

Alitalia MilleMiglia Status Match

Alitalia matches Silver, Gold and Platinum members from non-SkyTeam frequent flier programs to similar status level on MilleMiglia.

You can access Alitalia’s web page for this program here.

Here’s the information from Alitalia:

Are you a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member of a loyalty program for an airline that is not part of the SkyTeam Alliance?

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity that we are giving you to match the status of your frequent flyer program! You will be able to enjoy all the privileges of Exclusive Club Members according to the predefined access thresholds:

Silver level – Ulisse Club

Gold level – Freccia Alata Club

Platinum level – Freccia Alata Plus Club

If you are not already a MilleMiglia Member, register for the Program now!

Getting a status match is very easy. Send an email to StatusMatchMilleMiglia@alitalia.comby December 31, 2015 with the following:

  • First name and last name
  • MilleMiglia code
  • A legible copy of your existing valid Frequent Flyer program card

Your status will be effective 5 working days after you send the request email and will be maintained until March 31, 2016. To confirm that your status has been recognized, you will receive a personalized email from your new Club.


This is a great way to get SkyTeam Elite Plus status if you are member at same level at any non-SkyTeam program. You have to remember that many Alitalia status related benefits also apply for flights taken with Etihad and to some Etihad Airline Partners (airlines partially owned by Etihad).

Here are the terms and conditions of this program:

  • The initiative is for Members who belong to Exclusive Clubs of Frequent Flyer Programs, except for members of programs of SkyTeam Alliance companies.
  • From June 10 to December 31, 2015 these Members may take part in the promotion by registering for the MilleMiglia Program (if they are not already members) and requesting that their current status within another loyalty program be matched
  • The request should be made by sending an email to StatusMatchMilleMiglia@alitalia.com, giving: first name, last name, MilleMiglia code and a copy of the card showing the Member’s status in their existing Frequent Flyer Program.
  • Members with Silver status in another program will receive the Ulisse Card, Members with Gold status will receive the Freccia Alata Card, and Platinum Members will receive the Freccia Alata Plus card.
  • The new status will be recognized in Alitalia’s systems within 5 working days of the email request being sent and Members will receive a personalized email for the Club that they are joining as confirmation of this recognition.
  • The card will be sent by ordinary mail to the address indicated during registration within seven working days of the activation in Alitalia’s systems.
  • The new status will be available in all other systems within three weeks from the update in the Alitalia system.
  • The new, recognized status will be valid until March 31, 2016. If the status in the existing Frequent Flyer Program expires after March 31, 2016, the equivalent status recognized within the MilleMiglia Program will be valid until March 31, 2017.
  • In no case will lifetime cards be issued.
  • Any requests that do not include all of the data required or that are accompanied by illegible documentation will not be honored.