And The New IHG Rewards Club Top Tier Status Level Name Is ….. SPIRE!


IHG Rewards Club was set to introduce the new top tier level for its guest loyalty program back on July 1st, but apparently this was miscommunication (read more here).

IHG Rewards Club Spire

IHG Rewards Club has now briefed the properties about the changes that are going live in the next 2 to 3 days worldwide. I expect that we get an official announcement from IHG later today or Friday morning.

You can access IHG’s web page for the changes here (they don’t have the new name there yet).

So, the new name of the status level requiring 75 nights or 75,000 base points is SPIRE and the color of the membership card is going to be RED.

EDIT: The account status now shows the progress bar towards the Spire status, elite qualifying nights per Spire, and the RED color of the new Spire level card.

IHG Rewards Club Spire Chart Account

Based on the information that I have received from several sources, there won’t be any additional property level benefits compared to Platinum elite benefits for now. EDIT: There is now chart on about the Spire level benefits as below:

IHG Rewards Club Spire Chart

Spire members can choose between 25,000 bonus points as a bonus or give the gift of Platinum membership to someone.


I thought that the name of the new status level would be something more traditional like Diamond, Black etc. But name it “Spire” and have the color of the card red?

The color red is weird as it reminds me of retail shopping loyalty cards but then IHG Rewards Club uses the color on most of its communication and on the logo of the company itself.

I am eagerly waiting for the press release……