READER QUESTION: Stranded In Bali – Who Pays?

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Sebastian wrote yesterday (access here) about the volcanic eruption in East Java that lead to airport closes and flights cancellations due to ash clouds.

Stranded In Bali

Bali airport has now reportedly reopened as the ash clouds drifted to another direction, but it may take some time for the airlines to resume their operations.

Here’s a question that a LoyaltyLobby reader emailed from Bali:

I, like many of your other readers are currently on vacation in Bali and stuck due to volcanic ash closing the airport.

I am due to fly back to Singapore tomorrow morning on SQ.

My flight has just been delayed from 12pm to 5:30pm.

1) At what point am I entitled compensation?

2) Assuming the airport is closed again tomorrow, do I expect SQ to pick up my accommodation costs?

3) Can/should I continue to stay at the hotel I am at and claim costs from SQ?

Advice most welcome for myself and many others stuck in Bali.

The eruption is considered force majeure and Singapore Airline is not responsible for picking up the costs involved.

Travel insurance can come handy in a situation such as this, but you have to read the small print carefully. Some may exclude events such as earthquake etc.


There is a KLM flight from Denpasar to Amsterdam and those passengers are covered in a situation such as this due to the EC 261/2004. The airline is required to provide care (accommodation, meals etc), but is not required to pay compensation because the eruption is considered “act of god”.

Hopefully the reader makes most of his extended time in Bali and gets backs to Singapore in due course.

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