Breakthrough In Economy Seating? (Or The Most Hellish Patent Ever?)


It shouldn’t come as news that airlines are trying to do their very best to increase the number of seats they can fit into an airplane.


Wired was reporting (access here) that a French company proving seats to airlines had filed a patent for a new type of seating arrangement called “Economy Class Hexagon”.

You can access the Wired article here and the patent application here.

Here are some illustrations from the application:

Seating 1

Seating 2

Seating 3

Seating 4


I hate nothing more than having to stare at someone face on a flight (looking at your British Airways and the god awful business class that you can read more here). With a doubt this would make the long-haul economy flying even more miserable than it is today.

How someone is going to climb over the other passengers to stretch ones legs or to visit the lavatory?

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