Compensation Clinic: InterContinental London Park Lane


This week the Compensation Clinic visits one of InterContinental’s flagship hotels, the London’s Park Lane where yours truly has stayed several times this year.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental London Park Lane

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You can access InterContinental London Park Lane’s website here.

Back in April, I had a long transit in London and decided to book a hotel in the city center just in case if I would like to have a walk in the afternoon or maybe catch a movie.

I had arrived at the hotel quite late in the evening and my body clock was way off and thus couldn’t sleep until 7 or 8 the next morning. Note that I don’t use sleep aids.

As my flight out from London was at 9PM in the following evening, I had asked the front desk at check-in if they could give me a 6PM check out instead of the 4PM one that is guaranteed for Royal Ambassadors. The agent told me that they were busy the following day and couldn’t extend for an extra late check out, which I was fine with.

The problems started early in the afternoon on the day of checkout. I first got a “courtesy” phone call right after noon inquiring if I need help to bring my luggage down. I said no and just hung up, as I had guaranteed 4PM check out. The following phone call came about an hour later and woke up me up also. This time the gentleman wanted to know what time I would be checking out.

I was starting to lose it at this point because:

1. I had a guaranteed 4PM check out.

2 I had a DND sign hanging outside of the door.

3. They called me for a second time.

4. I was trying to sleep.

I had a few words with the front desk while I was checking out and they were aware that I wasn’t a happy camper at that point. They didn’t, however, do anything to make it right.

On a subsequent stay to the property about a month later, I had few words with one of the managers regarding the disturbances on my previous stay. The lady who had checked me in had forgotten to extend the 4PM check-out time in their system and that was the reason for the phone calls.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Park Lane Bonus Points

We chatted for a while and she then knew that I had come to a London to attend to a party thrown by some local friends. When I was checking out, she brought me a bottle of Moet & Chandon to take with me to the party. Later I found out that she had also deposited 9,000 points to my account.


I had a nice chat with the manager on my stay after the incident and I have already been back at least once and likely be there for few nights in August too.

Mistakes do happen, but how they are handled varies.

They could have fixed the issue during my first stay, but the employees simply lacked the initiative or weren’t empowered. The way the manager handled it on my subsequent stay was good and I won’t have issues returning returning to the property. I just hope that they don’t make same mistake again. I absolutely hate being woken up when I am sleeping regardless of the time of the day.

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