Thai Airways: Emergency Landing After Take-Off in Bangkok (TG602 BKK-HKG, 11 Jul, 2015)

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Thai Airways was back in shaky air yesterday. As a friend of mine told me this morning his Thai Airways flight TG602 en route from Bangkok to Hong Kong made a sudden return to the airport yesterday evening.

TG Aircraft10 Minutes after takeoff passengers noticed a distinct smell in the aircraft cabin as well as unusually loud noise and vibration coming from the right engine.

The aircraft subsequently made a turn back to Bangkok International Airport where the passengers were re-accommodated while a replacement aircraft was arranged. Below is a recap of the flight:

TG Flight Status

So far, no further information related to this incident has been released by Thai Airways and it’s not listed either at The Aviation Herald (access their page here) which usually reports in detail about these things.

The last Thai Airways crash landing happened in 2013 (access LoyaltyLobby’s article here) and most recently Thailand has been downgraded by the ICAO over safety concerns in various areas (see related article here).


This friend of mine flies a lot. Probably more than me and he was pretty shaken about this incident. Knock on wood, I haven’t had any serious inflight incident before myself so I really can’t judge about how it feels to be directly involved. These news certainly won’t help Thai Airways in this series of happenings in the recent past.

Thankfully nothing serious happened this time and everyone arrived safely back home, even though at a late hour.

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