Mind Your Manners – Boarding Etiquette By JetBlue

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Jet Blue tweeted a funny video under the motto #FlightEtiquette today, reminding passengers about boarding procedures and travel etiquette.
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Considering the holiday season is coming up and the somewhat chaotic scenes we regular travelers are used to at the airports this is a good reminder for less ‘seasoned’ travelers. It’s a funny refresher on how boarding procedures should be observed to make flying easier for everyone. See the video below.

There is actually a whole series of these videos which you can review on JetBlues Youtube Channel (access here).

Recently, John wrote an article about another skid by SNL (Saturday Night Life) they had about Priority Boarding. You can access that one here!


If you know any friends who are not in the frequent flyer category maybe send them the link to our article with a smiley face. Happy holiday travels! 🙂

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