Whine Wednesdays: Loitering At Airports!!


I’ve had a pretty heavy travel frequency this month and came across the phenomenon of Airport Loitering a few times this week alone. It’s an absolute pet peeve of mine.

Airport Loitering KULThe image above depicts two individuals making themselves comfortable at one Kuala Lumpur Airport’s Restaurant facilities – during operational hours. As can be seen there was staff as well as customers around. Nobody bothered to remind these two gentlemen that this is an eating establishment and not an impromptu bedding facility.

The guys were obviously in transit for some flight. Not everyone want’s to spend money on a transit- or airport hotel and that’s fair enough. It wouldn’t be much of an issue to use this couch during the night when the restaurant is closed. This however was at 9:30am and the restaurant was clearly open, though not more than about five customers around.

The fact that the staff is completely oblivious to the fact makes me thankful for my access to the Golden Lounge at KLIA. The First Class section there has day rooms and decent shower facilities should I require them, such as on my recent early morning arrival from Beijing.


This is a worldwide phenomenon and there is likely no way to resolve it. It’s up to individual manners and consideration not to loiter around in a fashion that it inconveniences businesses and people around you.


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