UPDATE: Hilton HHonors Instant Gold + Fast Track Offer Requiring 3 Stays To Keep Until March 31, 2017


When I wrote about Hilton HHonors Gold fast track offer three days ago (access here), I had no idea how widely available it is.

Hilton HHonors Gold + Fast Track Offer Ethiopian Alitalia Air France KLM Saudia

I reported first that it came for Ethiopian ShebaMiles members (I have never credited anything there). Readers commented that they had received it from Air France-KLM Flying Blue and Saudia. Today, blast was sent to Alitalia’s MilleMiglia members (I received one due to opening an account for status match purposes).

You can access Hilton MVP Fast Track offer here and Accenture offer for instant Silver + fast track offer here.

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Note that I cannot link to these offers as they all come with onetime use code. Once someone has registered using it, the page will come up “this offer not available for you”.

All the offers also come with double miles offer for second stay, triple miles for third stay and quadruple miles for fourth stay offers. This requires you to choose Points + Miles Double Dip option chosen and have the airline as the preferred partner.


This is a very good offer for those that received it. You can get complimentary Gold status until the end of October 31, 2015, and bu staying just three times during the period (awards count too) keep it until the end of March 2017.

I am just surprised that these airline programs are sending these out to some that have never had any activity on their programs. Also, seems that they are not doing any cross reference with Hilton to cull those email addresses that are already associated with HHonors elite status.

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  1. Hi John. Does it make any sense to get it for someone who already has a HH Diamond status. I mean does it make any sense to get those miles? And actually can I get those double, triple miles when I am Diamond?

    • Dave,
      If you register, you will lose your diamond status. According to the site, you should contact them to reinstate Diamond status if you mistakenly register. Not worth the miles in my opinion.

      Have you received the promotion? I’d be willing to give up my miles earned if you were willing to pass on the registration code?

      • Sharing a registration code will not work because of the email specific link, see my reply to Ton above and do what I suggested and hopefully you’ll get the Gold offer email within a day or two.

  2. I didn’t receive such an email (yet). I’m a member of KLM flying blue and Alitalia MilleMiglia 🙁

    Does someone has a code to spare?

    We will travel with our kids to the US over twee weeks and an instant gold status at Hilton will be more than welcome!

    • Ton and all,

      Make sure you are subscribed to Alitalia news and offers from Alitalia and it’s PARTNERS, you should see this option in your profile under communications preferences, this is very important as this offer is considered a partner offer, go to your profile and check mark the partners subscription, also make sure your email matches with both Hilton and Alitalia as this is also important. I did it myself 2 days ago and this morning I got the Gold offer email.

    • My status match first didn’t go through because sent a screenshot of my status from the BA app. Now waiting for the one based on my actual physical BA Gold card. Somehow I managed to end with two AZ accounts and neither has any activity or status. Both received this Hilton offer.

  3. John, you might want to suggest to your readers to update their profiles with the airlines to subscribe to news and offers from the airlines and their PARTNERS as this is considered a partner offer, I did it two days ago and got the offer this morning. I hope this help. Cheers!

  4. Hi, John, I was upgraded with Ethiopian offer, and T&C of the offer say, I must credit first three stays to ET Sheba miles. What if I switch ET to BA as my ‘Preffered travel partner’? Instant downgrade to basic membership, or what? And, I guess, hotel rooms not booked via hilton.com won`t be counted as eligible stays to fulfill the offer? Hope, someone has some experience with it.


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