Whine Wednesdays: Evil Raiffeisen ATMs In The Balkan (Terrible DCC Attempts)


This is not the first and certainly not the last time when you will read about Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) attempts at ATMs here on LoyaltyLobby.

Belgrade ATM

I have been touring the Balkan capitols for the past couple of weeks and this Raiffeisen bank seems to be doing business in many of the countries here.

Belgrade ATM Conversion

When I was using an euro issued MasterCard to withdraw money at the Belgrade airport, the ATM presented me an option to have them to process the charge in euros for my “convenience”.


Had I chosen this “convenience”, it would have given this bank 4.55% spread for the RSD to EUR conversion (for basically doing nothing). I obviously declined.


Never choose the option to be charged in the currency of your card rather than the one of the country you are in. If you do, be prepared to pay an arm and leg for it.

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