Hilton HHonors Gold Fast Track 3 Stays Within 90 Days Open For All (Valid Until December 31, 2015)


Hilton HHonors has now launched Gold fast track offer requiring 3 stays within 90 days of sign up with Airberlin.

Hilton HHonors Gold Fast Track Thee Stays 90 Days December 31 2015

Unlike with the others offer, although this is up on Airberlin’s website, the offer is open for all and the last day to register is December 31, 2015 (Hilton may withdraw the offer earlier).

You can access this offer on Hilton’s website here.

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Note that if you complete the challenge in 2015 the status will be valid until March 2017. If you complete it in 2016 even when you have started it in 2015, the status is valid until March 2018.

The offer comes also with double miles for second stay, triple miles for third stay and quadruple miles for fourth stay.

Paid, award and points + cash stays all count towards completing this fast track offer (read more here).


Hilton HHonors is certainly trying to make sure that EVERYONE is Gold member by having these open offers. I thought that the MVP offer requiring 4 stays within 90 days was generous enough but apparently not.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Member must complete three qualifying stays within 90 days of registration. Registration must be completed by 31st December 2015. Offer only available to airberlin customers and topbonus members and is not transferable. Booking must be made through a designated online booking tool such as hhonors.com or the Hilton HHonors App. Once a member reaches HHonors Gold status, the member may keep such status for the calendar year in which the Gold status was earned and the subsequent calendar year. Full details of HHonors Gold member status will be mailed to the member upon attaining the tier level. This offer may be terminated without notice. Gold status benefits are subject to availability and vary by brand. For full benefits of HHonors Gold status please seewww.hhonors.com/gold. In order to earn topbonus award miles you have to be both a member of HHonors and topbonus. Please select topbonus as your Preferred Travel Partner, and select Points & Miles™ as your Earning Style in your HHonors profile, to earn the miles to match the way you travel. All Hilton HHonors terms and conditions apply. Hilton HHonors™ membership, earning of Points & Miles and redemption of Points are subject to HHonors Terms and Conditions. For more information, please visit HHonors.com/Gold. ©2015 Hilton Worldwide.