Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum & Diamond Elite Tier Offers (Status Valid Until February 2017) To End July 31?


Hyatt Gold Passport discontinued doing straight status matches from competing programs while ago but has continued offering Elite Tier offers.

Hyatt Gold Passport Elite Tier Offer 2015 Ends July 31

Now, two Hyatt reps have informed a reader (by email & phone) that this “unofficial” offer is expiring on July 31, 2015.

Here’s copy of the email that the reader forwarded me:

Just a courtesy email to let you know that today we have received an email from our Head Office advising they have changed the terms for the Elite Tier Offer this year.

In order to participate, members will now have to be registered by the 31st of July 2015. Everything else stays the same.

Kindly advise whether you would like us to register you soon or on the 31st.

If we may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

The email came from Hyatt’s contact center in Asia-Pacific but the phone confirmation was with US based rep.

Here’s info about the Elite Tier offer:

You need to contact Hyatt Gold Passport by either email or phone and request their Elite Tier Offer.

You then have to complete 6 nights within 60 days to get Platinum status or 12 nights to get Diamond status. The status is valid until February 2017 for those than enroll to it on or after June 1, 2015. You also get 1,000 bonus points for the first 6 nights during your Elite Tier Offer.

Here’s the email that Hyatt sent out for these Elite Tier Offers (note that the complete date on this one is incorrect)

Hyatt Gold Passport Elite Tier Offer 2015 Body


Hyatt used to be very liberal with its matches by offering the Diamond status upfront for the duration of the challenge, but this was discontinued (probably due to people taking advantage of the Diamond status for few months without any intention of completing it).

Wouldn’t surprise me if this offer is going away for a while at the end of his month. So, if you had been contemplating to sign up, now is the time.

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