AwardWallet Hacked & Loyalty Program Accounts Compromised


AwardWallet is a web based service that allows monitoring number of loyalty program accounts. You do need give the service your usernames and passwords for these accounts, however.

AwardWallet Hacked

A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email this morning that he had received from AwardWallet informing that third party had accessed 250 accounts (who knows how many in reality) and he would need to change his loyalty program passwords immediately.

Here’s copy of the email that AwardWallet sent out:

AwardWallet Hacked EMail 1AwardWallet Hacked EMail 2


This is really a problem if you use any third party services to record your usernames and passwords. If someone gets access to your master account, they suddenly have access to all of your linked accounts.

One of the services allowing people to record their website usernames and passwords was recently hacked causing havoc among members.