Update: Alitalia MilleMiglia Status Match Program – Membership Package Arrived


I recently wrote about the Alitalia Mille Miglia Status Match Promotion (access here) and in the meanwhile my membership package arrived. Let’s have a look!

AZ MaterialIt arrived very fast, only 10 days after my status was adjusted which I find significant considering some airlines take months to deliver your membership cards (I live in Asia).

What was in the package? First and foremost it contained the Membership Card which is needed for lounge access most of the time. Some airlines will print an invitation or it’s sufficient to have the status on the boarding pass but at some the physical card is required.

Additionally there was a voucher included to nominate another Member to Freccia Alata (SkyTeam Elite+). This is a bonus for those matched to Freccia Alata Plus which I received based on my British Airways BAEC Gold. Very generous and of significant value in my eyes. The nomination is done online per promotion code on the reverse of the voucher.

AZ Nomination

As Freccia Alata Plus you also receive four upgrades from Alitalia’s Economy Classica fares in booking classes Y, B, M, H (expensive!) to Business Class. These upgrades are transferable and have to be done over the phone.

AZ Upgrades

John also wrote an update about this status match promotion (access here) which is now widely circulated and might take a bit more time in processing than the initial applications.


This promotion went rather swiftly and was administered in a professional manner. I have to say I’m impressed with it, especially in the light of the disastrous Etihad Match promotions in the past few years that were almost always a disaster.

The extras for Freccia Alata Plus status such as the nomination voucher are quite generous. I also heard there will be a soft landing if you don’t requalify your status right away (I was matched until March 2016 so there will be no way I requalify for Freccia Alata Plus within this period).