Lufthansa: Business Class Dining Improvements With ‘Restaurant Style’ Personal Service


Lufthansa German Airlines announced large scale improvements of their Business Class product where a new personalized dining service is taking to the skies.

LH Business ClassLufthansa calls it “Business Class Restaurant Service” which will eliminate serving dishes from a cart. It will instead be prepared in the galley and served individually to the passenger.

This service will gradually be available on many routes within the Lufthansa network. The corporate announcement (access here) outlines some details of the new service initiative:

The improvements include the introduction of an innovative “Business Class Restaurant Service” on long-haul flights this summer, which will see the in-flight service being modeled on the culinary experience provided by a high-class restaurant: Tables will be set individually, and meals and drinks will no longer be served from the trolley, but will instead be brought directly from the galley to passengers individually. Each flight attendant will have a set number of passengers for whom they will act as a personal host and point of contact. There will be additional cabin crew in Business Class on long-haul flights to enable this.

So far, Lufthansa Business Class is not really known for their pristine and personalized service. Even though I have to admit that the last time I used their service from Frankfurt to Tokyo-Narita I was positively surprised. The service and new Business Class cabin was a large step ahead from what is still offered on many Lufthansa aircraft, notably the fleet still contains many ‘old style’ Business Class cabins. Especially the routes operated on the Airbus A380.

The Australian Business Traveler (access here) also wrote about the new service and had some information about the routes where it will be available.

After a debut in June and July on its Airbus A380 routes to New York and Miami, the service has been extended to superjumbo flights to Houston, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Delhi, Beijing, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore.

Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 flights from Frankfurt will see the upgraded meal service from October 1, followed by the Airbus A340 fleet from Frankfurt and Munich to Asia and the Middle East on October 25.

I will have some travel upcoming during this fall for which I haven’t booked any flights yet. Maybe I will give Lufthansa a try again to see what this service is all about.


Lufthansa really needed to do something. They have neglected investing in their Business Class product for way too long and the angled Lufthansa ‘slide’ is a horrible seat and I never understood how they could even install those on the Airbus A380. I find the new cabin very comfortable even though there are mixed opinions about that one as well. If this can be properly implemented then Lufthansa could win back some favors with it’s clientele.