Compensation Clinic: Aloft Brussels Schuman

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This week the Compensation Clinic visits Starwood affiliated Aloft Brussels Schuman hotels where a reader had unsatisfactory stay.

Compensation Clinic Aloft Brussels Schuman

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You can access Aloft Brussels Schuman website here.

Here’s an email that the reader sent to the hotel/SPG:

I would like to contact you in regards to my most recent stay at Aloft Brussels Schuman.

Just this week (Reservation Confirmation: xxxxxxxx) I stayed for the 13th time at this hotel. But I was a bit disappointed, because during my stay I experienced multiple issues.

Aloft is the only SPG hotel in Brussels which does not offer special check in counter for SPG Elite Members. This resulted again in a rather long waiting time.

At the check in the staff does not acknowledge SPG Gold status, you are treated as any other customer dropping-in for the first time. The staff found it difficult to locate my reservation in the system and when they finally found my booking, the system just broke down. I spend altogether 20 minutes checking-in.

Welcome gift upon arrival (bonus Starpoints, complimentary premium in-room internet or a beverage voucher) was not offered at all at the check in.

The TV was not working in my room. It turned out that the satellite cable became loose but even after it was fixed the remote control unit communicated very slowly with the TV. It was rather frustrating because I was unable to change channels from my bed. The remote control unit worked only if you held it really close to the TV.

Upon check-in I asked for late check out, which is a standard benefit for Gold status. Nevertheless my room card was cancelled 8.00 am next morning. I had to go to the reception to have it activated again. I placed the “Do not disturb“ card at my door, however the housekeeping knocked several times at my door and wished to enter. I cannot understand why housekeeping does not respect the “Do not disturb” sign. I got really frustrated with all the disturbance, so I decided to check-out already at 10.00 am.

To save time and to avoid further inconvenience and unnecessary waiting time, I paid for my room upon check-in. Nevertheless the reception staff found it again difficult to locate the final invoice for my stay. So I spend as much time with checking-out from the hotel, as if I would have paid upon departure.

To sum up, I did not like my stay. As a SPG Gold Member I expected better service and more acknowledgement that I am a regular and loyal customer.

As a compensation measure for all above mentioned issues, I would like you to consider post to my SPG account 3500 Starpoints (50% of 7000 Starpoints required for a Free Nights at Category 3 hotel, like Aloft).

And here’s the response from the property:

I am not proud when we fail to provide a flawless experience for our guests.

However, I am always grateful for the opportunity to become aware of our shortcomings so that we can do better next time. I regret that your experience during your recent stay was less than positive due to the shortcomings you have mentioned.

I will do the follow up and ensure extra training for the team regarding the preferred Gold Preferred Guest welcome, check-in and checkout procedures. I also will check with the concerned associate what hapenned regarding your reservation upon the checkin procedure. I was sorry as well to read about your television which didn’t work properly this technical fail will be followed up by our technical department. Also our housekeeping department will be informed about the remark you had about disturbing when you used the do not disturb sign.

I wish I could turn back time, and redo the entire stay so that we can ensure you have a great experience as it should have been.

As I unfortunately we can’t do that, I hope you will be so kind to give us a new chance so that we can make it up to you. If you do decide this, please reach out to me directly so I can take care of everything personally, and make sure you have a smooth stay in one of our nicest rooms.

I also decided to offer you 3500 points as per compensation.


Aloft is a “Select Service” hotel concept (I sometimes called it no service) and the check in island doesn’t usually have expedited line for Gold/Platinum members. Sometimes when hotel does have elite check in that is neither manned nor properly observed, I just walk to the concierge desk, pick up the phone and ask to speak with the MOD to sort out the mess.

Did the Aloft hotels get rid off that “Aloha” nonsense. Aloha this and Aloha that.

Glad that the reader was able to come up with acceptable compensation for the hotel’s shortcomings.