WHINE WEDNESDAYS: Terrible Hotel Internet In Spain


This week’s Whine Wednesdays is about the deplorable state of hotel internet connections in Spain where I have been for the past two weeks.

Whine Wednesdays Internet

I had very few issues with the hotel internet connections when I spent three weeks in the Balkans (only Westin Zagreb failed), but the situation with most of the hotels where I have stayed during this trip is driving me nuts:

– AC Hotel Marbella: Internet was slow/unstable, had to rely on tethering. Hotel was not able to resolve the issue.

– Tryp Ceuta: Just awful and had to rely on tethering again.

– Autograph Collection Sevilla: Front desk decided to reset the router at 6PM that lead to the hotel’s entire internet access to go down until the next morning. Still didn’t work in the suite I had and I had to rely on tethering.

– Mercure Bilbao: Again. The hotel didn’t have enough bandwidth resulting in an extremely slow connection that was unusable for any work. Had to rely on tethering.

– Indigo Barcelona: Hotel had issues with their internet provider and connection unusable. Had to tether again.

– The Arts (Ritz-Carlton): The internet went down in the room 1PM. Had to tether again.

– Renaissance Barcelona: The internet was working fine in the public areas but completely unusable inside the room. Had to rely on tethering again. Speedtest.net couldn’t even access the server in Madrid to test the bandwidth.


On the positive side, the Luxury Collection property in Sevilla and Autograph Collection Cotton House in Barcelona both had good connections (Cotton House had 80 MBPS down when I run the bandwidth test).

These other hotels, however….. Why do they expect that I waste my time dealing with the iBahns of the world troubleshooting their service when I am a paying guest? Why do I need to pay for mobile data for the service that these hotels are supposedly providing?

I just don’t get it why guests at these hotels accept the substandard internet that they are offering? The Autograph Collection in Sevilla for example had just a 12 MBPS pipe to their 40 room property. Considering the number of guests per room and devices that can be trying to access the internet it is woefully inadequate.